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The Magic of an Orthogonal Mind

12 Lessons from Saying No to a Life of Mediocrity

Reflections from a Week of Vagabonding

Stand Out at Work: Solve the Principal-Agent Problem

I run a quarterly 29-day online school called Unparalleled Live.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will build an arsenal of skills that will allow you the freedom to create your own path in life.

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Unparalleled Live is for anyone who wants to:

  1. Create valuable online content consistently. I’ll walk you through an effective and systematic approach to collecting interesting ideas and turning them into quality content so you can…
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  3. Create an inventory of intellectual property that appreciates in value over time. Your content will develop into a body of work with a clear and direct purpose
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  5. Enhance your authority in your profession, organization, or industry. You will learn how to develop a reputation as the authority in your field with the content you produce.
  6. Cultivate serendipity and opportunity in your life. Create a life of more surprise, possibility, and delight by harnessing the full power of the internet.

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